Wekfest TX 2018

Wekfest TX 2018

It’s nice when a large city such as Houston can hold two shows same day, and you can actually attend both. After baking in the Texas sun at the Gillman show, and needing to drop our Fred off we make our way to Wekfest Houston. The first thing one needs to do before attending a second show is fuel up on some good Houston cuisine. Our first stop was to Michael’s Cookie Jar in the Galleria area. Our friend Graham claims that Michael’s Cookie Jar absolutely blows Austin local Tiffs Treats out of the water. He states “Tiff’s Treats is just a college bake sale cookie”. The homie Graham was totally right, Michael’s Cookie Jar makes freaking amazing cookies.

After placing a large to-go cookie order, we headed over to Sozo Sushi & Lounge a few blocks away. When in a new city or area, I typically rely on my fellow Yelpers to lead me to delicious eats. Sozu has a 4 star rating, and over 250 reviews, which to me is a sign of good eating. After illegally parking in the Whole Foods parking garage, we finally found Sozu Sushi & Lounge tucked away on a second floor corner of this lovely shopping center. Lucky for us, Sozu was running a Sunday happy hour. After all, Goldie’s gotta eat y’all.

After mustering up the strength to walk away from the Sushi happy hour, we head over to the George R Brown Convention Center which has been home to Wekfest for a few years now. In Texas, we’re fortunate enough that dem Houston Boyz and Galz keep bringing the heat. By this, I’m referring to the fact that Wekfest keeps coming back to Houston to hold a show. One thing we like about Wekfest is, quality over quantity. You know what to expect when it comes to a Wekfest show. I would say it’s usually about 90% quality builds, and only a smaller percentage of “filler” cars. This year was pretty much that same formula. We did hear that for some reason, a good chunk of vehicles that were admitted to the show didn’t arrive. We didn’t get to solve this mystery, but there did seem to be a lot of space in the convention center hall.


The downside to attending two shows, and slamming on a sushi happy hour is we arrived to Wekfest rather later in the day. We had about 1 hour to cover the show before the awards ceremony. We made it work, as we were only doing photo coverage, and not video coverage like we did for Wekfest 2016. Because of our late arrival, it also made it easy to photograph the latter half of the show without spectators in the background. It’s sometimes challenging to get that right shot with crowds of people present.


The usual players were in attendance this year. A lot of the crews we normally see were present at the show. We also noticed an increase of a popular chassis at the show this year. We counted at least half a dozen E36’s at the show.


We also love that Wekfest doesn’t just cater to the stance crowd. They also sprinkle in trucks, SUVs, and bikes. It’s nice to see a variety of clean builds representing the Texas car scene. 


We have a secret love for Hondas, and love that so many people still build these platforms.


We also like to live vicariously through anyone who builds a Porsche.


Thanks to Wekfest for continuing to bring their quality show to Texas, and for giving this great state the platform to let the world know how the Kings of the South do it.