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Gabriel Cruz-Letelier

Co-Founder and Content Creator

Everyone has a different origin story about how they became obsessed with cars. For me, it starts with convincing my parents to buy me 1:64 and 1:18 scale car models. From there, I became obsessed with automotive print magazines, and realized I’m not too bad at formulating thoughts on paper. I’m a mirrorless camera shooter, and an advocate for shaky GoPro footage.

Elias Garcia Headshot.jpg

Elias Garcia

Co-Founder and Multimedia Producer

Having grown up in the 90s, racing simulators like Gran Turismo helped shape my passion for cars further than the usual Hot Wheels cars. I picked up photography as hobby and immediately knew my subjects would be cars. My photography then evolved to videography and capturing people’s passionate stories about their cars. I am also a member of the Texas Auto Writers Association.