The Big Subaru Event X 2018

The Big Subaru Event X 2018

Having owned a Subaru for almost 2 years now (videos coming soon), I have been waiting to attend the Gillman Big Subaru event. Lucky for me, Gillman had posted a free entry code on their Facebook event page a few weeks before the event. Every dollar I can save when it comes to traveling from Austin to Houston for an event is a dollar well saved. After all, Goldie’s gotta eat y’all.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the show thrown by Gillman Subaru. I think it was the last 90+ degree day in Texas before the fall season graced us Texans with its presence. The folks at Gillman had horse troughs full of free bottled water, snow cones, food trucks, and tons of friendly vendors for their spectators. With well over 100+ Subarus registered for the show, there was also plenty of custom rides to take a look at. It’s always interesting to see how folks with the same platform decide to modify their cars. We especially loved seeing some cars that we’ve been following on Instagram like “Tito_STI”.


We had our eyes set to find how fellow Subaru Forester owners spent their money on modifications, and we definitely saw a juxtaposition from an overland build to a slammed stance build. One thing in common at the show was the love for the brand. We saw so many diehard Subaru families, which reminds us of when we attend Air-cooled VW shows. Some people develop extreme brand loyalty, despite all those ringland jokes you see all over the internet.


If you own a Subaru, or are fond of the brand definitely check this show out. We’re looking forward to Big Subaru XI next year. Thanks to Gillman Subaru for throwing such a great show for the community. Fred also can’t wait to meet new friends next year!