Tejas Treffpunkt 2017

How can I describe Tejas Treffpunkt? I think this requires a little bit of math. If you add some 356s, a bunch of 911s, some art, Lucha Libre wrestling, and some food, drinks, and music, you have Tejas Treffpunkt.Normally that would sound like a huge mess of things to encounter but it works extremely well. This show literally had something for everyone. Before I even entered the Spring Street Studios in Houston, I was greeted by a color palette of 993s.

I felt like I had time travelled back to the 90s and was at a dealership picking which color and trim I wanted. There were some some standard Carreras all the way to the Turbo model trim. I was actually in shock to see how much wider the Carrera 4S models are compared to the regular Carrera.

As I walked into the Spring Street Studios, I was expecting your typical cars show layout in a convention center. It was my first time attending so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the location was laid out as an art gallery. The first artwork that caught my attention was a beautiful 993 Carrera RS in blue.

As if that wasn't enough of a surprise, two more RS models followed.

Passing the hall of RS', a large red object was in the corner of my eye. As I turned in it's direction, I was greeted by another art piece in the form of Porsche diesel tractor. The incredible work on the restoration was clearly evident as every part of the tractor looked as if it had never seen a day in the pasture.

The outside part of the show had more of your usual, and some unique, things of a car show. The cars ranged from a 550 Spyder (unsure if replica or original) to a modern watercooled 911s.

Some of the cars that stood out were a slantnose 911 with it's 80s glory of an all red interior, and the Singer Porsche that had a constant crowd around it.

Other honorable mentions were the very red RWB Porsche with a "Born in Japan RWB" signature on the dashboard.

The temperature began to climb and I decided to go back into the building. When I entered, I saw people going up and down a set of stairs. I figured it was the gallery of more artwork to enjoy. I decided to head up and as I reach the top, I was surprised to see that the second floor had both hanging artwork and of the four wheeled kind too. I immediately thought what I heard everyone constantly say when they visited the second floor, "How did they get the cars up here?" Whatever magic or cargo elevator they might've used, I was glad to see more works of art.

I decided to have a seat in one of the benches as I reviewed my pictures but was distracted by the selection of cafe racer motorcycles under the spotlights. Sitting on the bench allowed me to admire the Ducati motorcycle in a serene way that you would normally admire more traditional art.

I'd like to thank the team at Tejas Treffpunkt for creating an experience at a car show that has been unique and entertaining. We are already looking forward to next year's event. We hope you enjoy our gallery below.