SVRA at Circuit of the Americas 2017

In Austin’s own backyard, I headed to the Circuit of the Americas track to watch some vintage race cars burn some fuel in beautiful 70 degree weather. There's no better use of an extra hour gained from daylight savings than spending it at the track.

Entering the track, you can hear engines ranging from flat fours to twin turbo V8s. The smell of race fuel filled the air. Immersed in history, walking past each garage felt like a time warp. I enjoyed the two beautiful, 60s era Shelby Mustangs on my first stop. The Texas flag waving in the background made for a great photo.

 Witnessing the Williams Martini Racing FW13B Formula 1 car felt bittersweet. It’s awesome to see old Formula 1 cars, but the driver crashed it the day before. It was missing a wheel and the front end. 

Walking up the inside of Turn 1, a distinct sounding engine that stood out from the rest. It was a car that I had only seen on TV, which dominated the 24 Hours of LeMans. As I pointed my camera in it's direction, my lens focused on the #2 Audi R8 LMP1 car. Although it’s a 2000s era car, the winning history has evolved the R8 into a modern classic racecar. 

You could feel the rumble from the side mounted exhausts of the Shelby Cobra. The big V8 engine in this small car that’s made for quick acceleration flew through turn 1. I'm unsure if it was a replica model or if it was an actual Shelby model, but since this was the SVRA event, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Carroll original. 

The next race was the Formula Vee cars. I enjoyed capturing multiple passes of the race, which made it thrilling, and watching the different variations in aero designs that made each car unique. I think my favorite design and livery went to the #85 car with the Martini design. 

Even though I was only able to attend on Sunday, the SVRA race brought live action fun. I would recommend attending next year's events, if you get the chance to go. I hope you enjoy our gallery below