Super Lap Battle 2019 at Circuit of the Americas

Super Lap Battle 2019 at Circuit of the Americas

It was a cold weekend at Circuit of the Americas and Super Lap Battle was hosting their inaugural event in Austin. Super Lap Battle is a racing series consisting of different classes battling it out to put a single fast lap up on the board. 


The series is divided into Unlimited, Limited, Street, and Enthusiast classes. As you can guess, the Unlimited classes really took advantage of the word by showcasing some of the biggest aero pieces we’ve ever seen. The Lyfe Motorsport Nissan GTR driven by Cole Powelson won the weekend with the fast lap of 2:07.181. It’s massive aero helped him keep the car under control even though the weekend’s cold and foggy weather made for a very slick track.


The Limited series saw some impressive competition. The wildly wrapped Corvette Z06 of Feras Qartoumy stopped the lap timer at 2:18.588 beating out a Camaro ZL1, Nissan GTR, among others. 


One of our favorite shots of the weekend was when Jenson Little hit the curb at an angle that made his Miata go up on two wheels! Luckily the SPL Parts helped him keep the car in control when he came back down. 


Taking the win for Street class was the Clandestine Racing Subaru WRX STI piloted by Ryan Schimsk


Lastly in the Enthusiast class, we saw the very orange Subaru WRX STI of Sober Racing taking the win. After the event we saw some of Zachary’s in car video which showed incredible skills controlling a car that had an extreme rear brake bias.


The track was also shared by multiple cars racing in the Blancpain GT World Challenge. They were allowed on the track for testing. We got to see a couple of Audi RS3LM, BMW M235iR, and some very fast Porsche cars. We can’t wait to see the racing action these guys will provide for the upcoming race.


Overall the weekend brought a large group of people and incredible access for fans to get close to the cars. We’re excited to see what next year will bring. Here's the results from the weekend.


Here’s our photo coverage of the event and congrats to the winners by putting on a super lap.