RADwood Austin 2019

RADwood Austin 2019

RADwood decided to choose Austin as one of their destinations to host their time capsule show.

We want to thank Graham Mathis for the photo coverage.

The team over at RADwood nailed it with having an era based car show and they were strict with the submissions meeting the model year criteria. Our fist impression was wondering where all these unique Texas plated cars were coming from!


Living in Austin, we frequently see the Mosing Motorcars Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 but they're still incredible vehicles every time we get to witness them in person. There was also a Lamborghini Diablo which hit our nostalgic bone from our childhood. It was like all our poster cars from our childhood had been brought to life.


Now the didn't just include crazy exotics, it also had your everyday set of Chevy wagons. Don't be fooled by the wood panelling because there was something under their hoods to surprise anyone.


The ambiance was also incredible with everyone dressed up from items you'd have to search for the local hipster approved Goodwill store. The makeshift BMX ramp so scale over a Nissan S13.


We can't wait to see if they make the stop in Austin next year and what will come out to the show!