Stadium Super Trucks at COTA 2019

Stadium Super Trucks at COTA 2019

Stadium Super Trucks is like the opening act to the main event that unexpectedly blows you away! These guys are just defying the laws of physics with their massive jumps and three wheeled turning!

As we stood at the end of the Circuit of the Americas back straight, we hear the roars of the engines and suddenly the trucks appear in mid air! The track layout was shortened by cutting through it after turn 5. Where we stood, we could see turns 12-15 and they were action packed!

Stadium Super Trucks COTA 2019  Rev Match Media-42.jpg

Starting at turn 12, we saw the beasts raise a wheel caused by the sharp turn and eager to get on the gas and away from the pack. Some contact between them was the norm at this point.

Our favorite part was the chain of events that occurred after turn 14 as we'll list below:

  1. The trucks exit turn 14 and are full throttle

  2. They slam on the brakes to enter turn 15 and frequently locked the tires

  3. They beginning to turn as they approach the turn and start shifting the weight away from the front left tire and it begins to rise.

  4. Time to step on that gas and there goes the front left tire!

  5. Before the tire could come down, here comes the ramp placed in the middle of the track and we're airborne!

  6. What goes up, must come down!

All of this occurs in such a small time frame and it's a hell of a show! We wouldn't be surprised if the they become the main events of a race weekend since everyone kept talking about their race runs.

Forgot to mention that their celebrations were crazy when one of the drivers went on two wheels...extreme two wheels!