NASA at Circuit of the Americas 2018

NASA at Circuit of the Americas 2018

“When it rains it pours”. “Everything is bigger in Texas”. These two sayings couldn’t be any truer for the NASA event at Circuit of the Americas.

RMM x NASA at COTA 2018-194.jpg

It’s been some time since we’ve received some rain here in Austin but we seem to attract the rain when we photograph races at COTA (See SPL Parts at COTA).

We started the day off with some Miata qualifying which left us wanting one of our own! It still surprises us how such a small car can have such a huge impact in the grassroots racing world. 

RMM x NASA at COTA 2018-57.jpg

The sky was brighter but the sun was still behind clouds as the next class of cars poured onto the track. In the next set of cars we saw Savanna Little’s Nissan 350Z full throttle through turn 10. We also fell in love with the BMW M3s ranging from E30s to E92s as well as the different muscle cars, new and old!

RMM x NASA at COTA 2018-110.jpg

It was time for the first race of the day to start and everyone was on slicks as the track was drying. Of course that didn’t last as the skies opened up and caused everyone to go back into the pits to change to wets. The rain made for some fun shots as the cars flew by as if the track were bone dry.

RMM x NASA at COTA 2018-166.jpg

Overall the day was great seeing all the different types of classes run the track both in the dry and wet.

Special thanks to the NASA team for allowing us to capture their event. We hope You enjoy our photo coverage below!