Faster than GTR- Lotus Exige S

Faster than GTR- Lotus Exige S

For the first car to challenge the Nissan GTR, we went with the Lotus Exige S.

The Exige has a 345hp V6 that's in the rear and helps launch the car to 60mph in only 4.8 seconds. Forza puts this in class A with a 610 performance point rating. The cost of the car is 93k forza dollars.

We start with this car for a classic David vs. Godzilla battle......yes.....Godzilla.

We know the power of the GTR would be a clear winner in the long straightaway at COTA but we wanted to know if the Exige's under 2500lbs would be low enough to move it through the turns and make up the time.

The rules were very simple,

We'll be doing 5 laps at Circuit of the Americas.

We'll pick the fastest lap out of the 5.

Be sure to comment which car you'd like us to put up against the GTR and see if it is Faster than a GTR!