Edge Addicts at COTA May 2019

Edge Addicts at COTA May 2019

You can always count on COTA for some free entertainment a few times a year. The best part is, it’s a cheap way to entertain out of town guests which was our case. Edge Addicts was holding one of their track events like the ones we’ve attended in the past. With Saturday’s rain forecast, and this being a rain or shine event, we were concerned with who would chance the weather and track conditions during their pre-paid sessions. 

Edge Addict COTA May 2019 Rev Match Media-29.jpg

To our surprise, a lot of drivers had a “full send” mentality and participated in their sessions as planned. We stuck around for a few hours shooting from a few spots that would protect our equipment. As usual, the Edge addicts events don’t allow for press access, but we did our best shooting from the paddock, grid, and grand stands.

Edge Addict COTA May 2019 Rev Match Media-32.jpg

Sunday’s event brought out the sun, humidity, and Gatorade for spectators and drivers. Cars and Coffee brought a few thousand more spectators to the track. It’s great marketing to bring awareness to those that didn’t know they too could track their ride. We shot a bit from the grid, and also from the grand stands to change it up a bit. Our reason for not going to the first bridge, sunshine. The humidity and sunshine was pretty brutal out on track.

Edge Addict COTA May 2019 Rev Match Media-76.jpg

Maybe one of these events we’ll bring out one of the project cars. Our goal is to finish the even without crashing or blowing our engines on track. We’re a bit familiar with what COTA charges for clean-up through stories and ear hustling while in mission control. Follow us on our Social media channels and let us know if you’re going to be out on track. We’ll make sure to grab a few shots for our followers and subscribers!