Blancpain GT at COTA 2019

Blancpain GT at COTA 2019

The Blancpain GT World Challenge started the series at an extremely foggy Circuit of America! The Silent Hill type of fog made it difficult for us to see the cars so we had to depend on us hearing the cars coming around a corner. 

Our buddies at SPL Parts had a couple of Nissan 370z with their parts equipped. We knew they were on their way when we heard that distinct sound from their V6 engine.

Blancpain GT COTA 2019 Rev Match Media-8.jpg

We finally got to see the FCP Euro GTi TCR car in person and were cheering them on as well as the McCann Racing Audi RS3.


The surprising car manufacturers of the TCR and TC series was Hyundai! They managed to take home 1st in TCR’s race 1 and 1st in TCR’s and TC’s race 2.

Blancpain GT COTA 2019 Rev Match Media-14.jpg

For the GT4 America series, our cameras captured the ever badass BMW M4 GT4 cars. The ST Racing M4 cars wore an awesome digital camo wrap on both cars. One was piloted by Samantha Tan which we support seeing more women in motorsports.


We enjoyed the wrap design was from our North Texas neighbors (Classic BMW). The Texas euro plate is a nice touch to the design.


When it came to the big boys, the Bentley Boys are back! The K-PAX Racing team brought 2 Bentley Continental GT in that iconic green color. Race 1 had them in a 1 and 2 finish and in race 2 they were 1.2 seconds behind the Ferrari 488 GT3 to be in 2nd and 4th.


Here’s our photo coverage of the event and congrats to the winners that were able to endure the cold foggy weekend.