Autobahn Icons Concours d' Elegance

Autobahn Icons Concours d' Elegance

When car guys come together it’s always a good time. When we come together for a good cause, its a great time. The team at Autobahn Icons hosted the first German Concours d' Elegance at Treaty Oak Distilling. The event was a benefit for Special Olympics Texas.

The week of the event we were all concerned with the rain forecast for the day of the show. Luckily we were able to avoid the rain during the show but the night before caused for a small relocation onto the other part of the distillery. This didn’t stop some unique cars from showing up.


We were greeted by some low mileage red Porsche 911s as well as a beautiful 356. What caught our attention was a very uncommon BMW Isetta in a yellow that stood out.


Now we’ve seen a fair share of BMW 2002s but this one literally scratching our heads. It was a Touring trim which sported a rear hatch that reminded us of a VW Fastback’s rear. Regardless of our confusion, we enjoyed looking at the beautiful orange color.


It’s not your average diesel Benz but this one had an engine attached to the massive turbo! The attention to detail to this car was incredible. The moment you look inside you start seeing all of these hidden things that make the car extraordinary. With it’s Corbeau seats and carbon fiber trim, you could say it has a racing luxury finish to it.


Some of the venders were familiar faces and others were fresh faces to the Rev Match team. The Eurocharged ATX guys, which we've filmed a couple of videos at, came out with a bright white Mercedes that we know was playing wolf in sheep's skin!


We also made friends with Conway from Garage Living. They offer great solutions to keep your garage organized. The flooring solution they offered had us really gripped even with my poor gripping shoes that had some mud on them.


We had to keep ourselves from drooling over the seating options that GTS Classics brought. The materials and finish were top notch. Maybe we'll start a Porsche car to put one of these in!


Our most impactful moment of the show was seeing the members of the Special Olympics Texas enjoying the cars. Many had questions for the car owners and they gladly took the time to answer them. That’s what the car community is all about! We are glad to hear that the the show helped raise a significant amount for the Special Olympics Texas.


We look forward to future shows and we hope you enjoy our photo coverage below.