Austin Cars and Coffee December 2018

Austin Cars and Coffee December 2018

Cars & Coffee at Circuit of the Americas is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. With a parking lot capable of holding the amount of attendees for a small college football bowl game, COTA makes sure to have plenty for its spectators to do. If walking a parking lot looking at everything from a rust bucket to hyper car wasn’t enough, they have their carting facilities, helicopter rides, and the Audi Experience which opens up a few small events to gain traction for their programming.


When the track is rented out, that is also a time for you to be able to walk into the grandstands and possibly the paddock to catch some excitement. This month, Edge Addicts was hosting an Introduction to Performance Driving course during the weekend. To see our photos of the track event, click here.


With so many cars in the parking lot, it’s rather difficult to photograph all of the vehicles. For us, we also have lots of friends that spectate Cars & Coffee. It’s hard to be anti-social and avoid the homies, so we only photograph what catches our eye in the limited rows we see.

We took our 1998 C43 AMG to the show for the first time, so we parked with the 3 other Mercedes Benz vehicles.

One vehicle that tended to get lots of attention was this a bright red early 90s Saab 900 Turbo. So much attention that folks were even using our W202 C43 AMG as a tripod to snap the right photo. 


I guess the Mercedes did serve as a good tripod, here is a photo from that vantage point.

We also saw another group of car enthusiasts we follow on Social Media: GruppeChat


The best rule of thumb for this event is, come early, wear comfy shoes, and keep your eyes peeled some rare birds which show up once a month to a massive parking lot in the middle of nowhere.