Rev Match Media Visits Yaril’s Customs

We visited Miami to stop by Yaril’s Customs shop. Yaril is my brother’s friend since their middle school days. When he customized his red Mk3 VW GTi, it attracted me to the VW world. His iconic VW Squareback build caught the attention of many people online. Yaril’s unique builds attract not only international and online attention, but also the likes of ZZ Top. The simplistic, yet very detail oriented approach creates amazing works of art. Yaril’s keen understanding for his customers’ requests is especially visible in each individual concept. Thanks Yaril for welcoming us into your shop, and we can’t wait to see his next build!

Want to start your own custom build? Set your car dream into motion, and follow Yaril’s Customs on the links in the description.

We’d also like to thank our buddy Angel Martinez for the awesome camera work. Check out his work in the links below

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