Lego VW Mk1 GTi

Toys. As a kid, toys are what help develop our motor and dexterity skills, but who says we have to stop playing with them when we grow up? Some toys just happen to get bigger as we grow and sometimes the toys remain small. In the case of this Lego VW Mk1 GTi, it’s a small toy that we hope goes big.

The Lego company has a program that allows builders submit their ideas to be mass produced, should it meet its goal of people supporting it. The Lego builder “hasskabal” has submitted a great example of the VW Mk1 GTi. We are big VW fans and the Mk1 GTi, the original hot hatch, is no exception. I've got to admit that this Lego builder nailed the GTi! The small details such as the steering wheel, headlights, wheel arches, and red accents throughout, are what make this such an easy choice to support the idea.

Be sure to click here to go support the project. It’s free and it requires a quick account creation, so no excuses! Hopefully we can get this supported before this holiday season so I can buy it for myself--I mean my kid! What car do you think would be awesome to have as a lego model?