COBB University Video Series

We've just completed watching the entire COBB University curriculm and we're ready to apply some of the knowledge to our cars! As we had previously stated, the COBB University video series showcases the basics of an automobile. The videos provided a wealth of knowledge for beggining modders. Even though we call ourselves psudo-engineers from being VW and Audi owners, we were still able to learn a few points from the video series.

Having the videos will greatly help with the planning of our next build. We'll be able to asses what Modification Path we should take to get the best out of our mods and more important, our money! The Stage packages that they've created, makes things easy for those that want a setup with parts and tunes that have been tested by COBB. For us though, we'll want to go beyond and look into a protune. With having the knowledge from the videos, we'll be able to communicate intelligently with our Protuner.
We love when companies provide education of their products because after all, knowledge is power and more power means a faster ride!
Make sure you check out the entire video series on their Youtube Playlist

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